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Cool DIY Baby Elvis Costume

We love Elvis so it was only natural to dress our son up like this when he was a baby.

Items Used: White Jumpsuit, Gold and White Shiny Fabric, Gold Squeeze Paint, Velcro, White Sneakers, Aviator Sunglasses.

I just ripped the hems out of the legs and arms and inserted triangle shaped pieces of gold fabric. Then I cut a cape shape out of the gold and white fabric and sewed it together almost like a pillow case with the gold on the inside and the white on the back (I don’t sew often and had no idea what I was doing but it worked). I then attached it to the jumpsuit with Velcro across the shoulders so that it could easily be taken off.

With the left over gold fabric I made a belt and made it connect with another piece of Velcro. After it was assembled I made little gold dots all over the jumpsuit, cape and tennis shoes to resemble sequins.

That is about it. The homemade baby Elvis costume was a great hit!!!

Homemade Baby Elvis Costume

Homemade Baby Elvis Costume

Homemade Baby Elvis Costume

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