Cool DIY Homemade Elvis Costume Ideas

Coolest Homemade Elvis Costume Ideas

I looked up some Elvis costume ideas online. I drew what I thought I could make for this Elvis costume. I went to a thrift store and yard sale and found a great woman’s white polyester pants suit. It was a size 12 and it was sleeveless but I thought I could adapt. First I … Read more

Adorable Homemade Baby Elvis Costume

This baby Elvis costume all started with my inability to find a hairdresser for myself in Los Angeles. I’ve lived in the LA area for the better of ten years, yet still only get my hair done when I visit my stylist in my native New York. Only the best for me and thus my kiddos … Read more

Pink Cadillac Elvis Wheelchair Halloween Costume

Pink Cadillac Elvis Wheelchair Halloween Costume

I wanted to share our son’s wheelchair Halloween costume this year. Sam has a very rare, untreatable, terminal brain disease called Vanishing White Matter Disease that causes him to be wheelchair bound. While the disease has caused him to lose motor control, it has not affected him cognitively. We visited Graceland earlier in the year and … Read more

Rocking Junior Elvis Costume

Rocking Junior Elvis Costume

My name is Nancy and I’m a big fan of Elvis Presley. My older son is also a big fan of Elvis, so he asked me to sew him an Elvis costume for Halloween, an Elvis jumpsuit to be exact. He chose the dark blue one and all of the accessories. I started work on … Read more

Coolest Homemade Little Elvis Halloween Costume

Homemade Little Elvis Halloween Costume

This is my son in his homemade Little Elvis Halloween costume! To make this, I bought white and red pieces of fabric. Using one of my son’s coats as a pattern guide, I cut out the jacket. I am not an experienced sewer but had got a rough idea from my mom who makes wedding … Read more

Cool Homemade Baby Elvis Costume

Homemade Baby Elvis Costume

I wanted an original costume for my 4 month old daughter for her first Halloween. I wanted to take advantage of her full head of hair and her beautiful eyes. I decided to make her a Homemade Baby Elvis Costume. Materials: thread and needle 3-6 month long sleeve white sleeper onesie with the zipper that … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baby Elvis Costume

Homemade Baby Elvis Costume

Here’s my easy to make baby Elvis costume. We were going to the Elvis festival in Collingwood and we thought it would be funny to dress the baby up like Elvis and since it was very difficult to find a costume so small and in such a short time a decided to make it myself … Read more

Cool DIY Baby Elvis Costume

Homemade Baby Elvis Costume

We love Elvis so it was only natural to dress our son up like this when he was a baby. Items Used: White Jumpsuit, Gold and White Shiny Fabric, Gold Squeeze Paint, Velcro, White Sneakers, Aviator Sunglasses. I just ripped the hems out of the legs and arms and inserted triangle shaped pieces of gold … Read more

Coolest Handmade Baby Elvis Costume

Handmade Baby Elvis Costume

I made this Handmade Baby Elvis Costume for my son Kael when he was a baby – we called him ‘Kaelvis’. I don’t sew very well so this was all done with fabric glue. First I found a white sleeper at Wal-mart. I cut off the feet and cut triangles on the sides. Then I … Read more

Elvis Costume

This is my son Donovan dressed as “Little E”. My mother-in-law’s friend made this Elvis costume and cape and found the belt at a thrift store. We put washable black dye in his already thick curly hair and tah-da….you have Elvis! Total Spent: $20

Elvis Costume

My son is only 8 months old in the picture, but he has so much hair that naturally he makes a great mini Elvis! Of course, when anyone gave him a Halloween treat we gave them a big “Thank you, thank you very much”! The costume is pretty cheap and easy to make.

Coolest Elvis Costume

Elvis Lives!

Elvis lives in Colorado! This Elvis costume was made for a celebrity party. I made my own jumpsuit pattern out of a pair of pants and a long sleeve top. The fabric was on the remanent box at a local fabric store and cost me $4! The cape is gold lame on one side and … Read more