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Coolest Handmade Baby Elvis Costume

I made this Handmade Baby Elvis Costume for my son Kael when he was a baby – we called him ‘Kaelvis’.

I don’t sew very well so this was all done with fabric glue. First I found a white sleeper at Wal-mart. I cut off the feet and cut triangles on the sides. Then I added a triangle of sequined fabric to make bell bottoms. The belt is made from white felt and I glued some Velcro on the underside to make it removable for easy changes. I also added white felt around the collar to raise it up. Although it can’t be seen very well in the picture I attached a cape to the back using the same sequin fabric on the bell bottoms. The jewels and silver sequins were attached using ‘Aleen’s’ tack. I added some silver sequins up the sides of the sleeper to make the snaps blend in better.

To keep my son warm I wanted to put a onesie on underneath the jumpsuit but I didn’t want to take away from the costume so I dyed a white one a light peach to somewhat blend with his skin. On his feet he is wearing ‘blue suede shoes’ aka blue velvet booties.

To top it off I coloured his light blonde hair black and added sideburns using mascara.

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