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Coolest DIY Astronaut Costume

My son wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween so we created this Astronaut Costume for him.

We started with an old karate uniform and covered it with white duct tape. We were able to add some detail to the legs by folding the duct tape. The badges were printed off the internet and taped on with clear tape covering them in case of rain. The lights are from the dollar store. Some coloured electrical tape and odds and ends from the recycling bin helped us accessorize. We bought the helmet at an army surplus store and spray painted it white. His little sister side kick was a pink polk-a-dot alien.

Everyone was very excited by this costume. It was too bad he was actually quite sick with a cold on Halloween night and only felt up to going to a few houses. Fortunately one house of college kids gave him all of their candy because they said he had the “coolest costume ever”.

Homemade Astronaut Costume

Homemade Astronaut Costume

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  1. My son decided that he wanted to be an anstronaut this year and I was at a loss for what to do. I am so thankful that here are a moms and dads out there who are so creative and helped me to make my son’s dream of being an astronaut come true….
    Thanks Again,

    Lost without ideas!


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