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Coolest Homemade Artist Halloween Costume Idea

My daughter really wanted to be an artist so we started looking at pictures on the internet, books, anything we could get our hands on.
We finally found a cute outfit on the internet that my daughter loved.

I first found a broom at a Halloween store. I tied the top with a rubber band and dipped it in Elmer’s glue to make it look like it came to a point like a paint brush. The glue dried clear. Then I wrapped the rest of the broom in black electrical tape to make it look more like a paint brush. We dipped the top of the paint brush in red paint to look like she was painting with it.

I then went to Walmart and bought a long sleeve black plain cotton shirt and black stretch type material pants. I bought puffy paints in bold colors and made splatter type paint marks on her top and pants. It dried overnight and made the outfit look almost like 3d. She wore her tall black boots. We also had a black artist hat to complete the outfit. She wore her hair in pony tails.

I cut a huge pallet out of cardboard and painted the whole thing white then used the same puffy paint for the piles of paint. I cut an armhole in it so she could carry it.

We had so much fun! She had tons of compliments, and I even had parents calling me!

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