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Coolest Homemade Al and Peg Bundy Couple Costume

My and my finance came up with this idea of a Homemade Al and Peg Bundy Couple Costume watching old re-runs of Married with Children on TV.

Al’s Costume
-Pants, button up, tie and jacket were bought at Goodwill store.
-The nametag was made by myself with one of those clear nametag pins, and printed it out from the computer. It had the name of the place Al worked (Gary’s Shoes and Accessories for Today’s Woman) and added the logo of the organization (NO MA’AM) The “National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Master hood” Al and the group fight the increasing power of women all over society, but the organization tends to just be a social club in which the men in the neighborhood hang out, bowl, and frequent the Jiggly Room. This logo was drawn on the back with sharpies, which is not seen in the picture.

Peg’s Costume
-Leggings, Big Black Belt, Cheetah Top, were bought at local stores.
-Shoes, which aren’t seen, were cheep candies type heels spray painted red.
-The wig was bought online.

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