Coolest Peg and Al Bundy Couple Costume

Simple Homemade Peg and Al Bundy Couple Costume. For Al we got the shirt and tie at a thrift store for $3 total, and bought a cheap shoe horn at a shoe store. He also carried around a old remote that we had around the house, so whenever he sat down he could “assume the position” by putting his hand in his pants and hold the remote with the other hand.

For Peg I found a wig at the halloween store that was called “big hair wig.” I bought some fake cigarettes to have in my hand at all times. I wore a leopard print tank top and a cropped jacket that I held together with a gaudy broche and some stretchy black capris with black heels.

All in all the costumes were simple and cheap to put together and everyone liked it, in fact, we won best couple costume at a party we went to!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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