Coolest Homemade 1966 Batman Costume

Everyone that works at my wife’s and my cafe dressed up as Batman characters (trying for the 1966 look). All I could find in premade costumes were modern batmen, so I decided to give it a shot on my own.

Mask: I made my batman mask out of duct tape and an old black t-shirt. I put a plastic shopping bag on my head, sat in front of a mirror and started wrapping strips of tape tight around my head. Once the base “helmet” was in place, it was a matter of adding more pieces, making a nose out of some cardboard, and cutting eye-holes. To get the 2 toned look, I took some black fabric from an old t-shirt and covered the front portion of the mask with it.

Belt: Took a normal belt, and used yellow duct tape, pens, and some camera pouches (came with convenient belt clips) I found at the dollar store. The buckle was cut out of a plastic bucket, and the 3d effect was done by taping on cardboard with masking tape. Used a pen to etch in the bat, then spray painted it gold.

Bat logo: Downloaded a picture from the web, traced it out and built it with yellow and black duct tape.

Pants: White tights from a dance store, dyed grey. Wore a pair of black underwear on top.

Shirt: Skin tight under armour (with logo, but hey Batman needs sponsors too right?)

Cape: Bought a basic black cape and cut in the scallops at the bottom.

Gloves: Cheaped out and bought those online :( Will have more time to update those to homemade ones for next year.

Homemade 1966 Batman Costume

Homemade 1966 Batman Costume

Homemade 1966 Batman Costume

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  1. COOL! Thanks for the tips, i’m trying to make a 1966 Batman and Robin…this is going to be very helpful. I am going to use a blue fabric to make it look more like the actual Adam West Costume.

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