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Coolest Home Made Bunny Costume

I designed this home made bunny costume from a sketch and my mother sewed it for my 10 month old daughter. We drew up and cut out a basic jumpsuit shaped toddler outfit on paper and then cut it out and sewed it together using gray fleece. We cut out a large circle of white fur and stitched it onto the jumpsuit. We constructed a fitted cap for her head and used velcro to hold it together under her chin. We then drew two long bunny ear patterns out of paper and then cut those out of gray fleece on one side, and white fleece on the inside of the ears.

We sewed the ears together and inserted wire into the ears to help them hold shape and to keep them attached to the cap. We made a basic white pom pom out of fur and stitched it onto her behind for a tail. Overall, it was a relatively simple costume to make!

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