Coolest Hoarders Costume

This is my Hoarder costume my mom made. We came up with the idea because one of our favorite shows is Hoarders.

We went to several garage sales and thrift to make this. We had found a sweater at a cheap price, and lace to make a lace collar, to make an almost stereotype grandma. We just got a ton of old McDonald’s wrappers, useless KnickKnacks, and, my favorite, cockroaches, and a big rat on my back!

To make the base of the skirt, we found some old material at a garage sale, a hula hoop, and I knew how to make a drawstring waist. So, we cut the material to fit me, made the drawstring waist, and attached the hula hoop to the bottom ( I honestly can’t remember how).

Since the illusion of the costume is a hoarder standing in a pile of junk, we wanted enough stuff to cover the whole skirt, except maybe a part of it. We used hot glue, a special type of glue for shoes, (still worked) and pins.

For makeup, we just messed up everything! We also used bright makeup!

This costume was a success and I won first place in our local costume contest! I got a lot of compliments…and stares. I even had other parents take pictures of me! I would also like to add: this costume was not meant to offend anyone, it is just for laughs.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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