Coolest Hellboy Costume

This is my nine year old son max who came up with this Hellboy costume idea about six months before Halloween. We usually try to make our own costumes every year and there is a local costume contest that we have participated in the last five years.

The fist is made up of two different parts. The fist is an old hockey glove painted red. The second part was foam painted red. For his head we took a construction helmet with the brim cut off and glued the hair on it. Then we cut cork into circles and painted them red and glued them onto the helmet.

I actually had a hard time finding red face paint. Even though we live in a metro area, I had to go to at least four different stores to find red paint. The hardest part of the outfit was finding a trench coat for a nine year old. We had to go to many different thrift stores the months before Halloween. To make him look more muscular, he wore an old wolverine costume that had built in “muscles”.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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