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Coolest Headless Man Homemade Costume

First with the headless man costume. I made the head out of paper mache, about 6 coats of paper. When it was dry I made ears and a nose out if paper then I painted it a peach colour. I then drew on the mouth and eyes and for the hair I used a light brown wool and stuck it around the back of the head. I then used a old large white shirt and cut zig zags on the collar. I painted it red to make it look like blood. I put the red all over the shirt too. I made a brooch out of cardboard to hold the collar up.

To make the shirt stand on the head I used a wire coat hanger and sponges. I stuffed inside the collar with paper to hold it. I then stuck the sponges to the wire hanger. I got tape and taped the hanger in the inside of the shirt to make it lean on the head then I placed it on the head so I could see where to cut the eyes out. For the bottoms I used old black trousers and a blue scarf. I tied the scarf around the top of the trousers and used black boots.

Homemade Headless Man Costume

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