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Coolest Gross-ary Bag Costume

I made this gross-ary bag costume for my little boy and he loves it. It took some time and hard work but we got it just the way we wanted it. It was very inexpensive and one of a kind.

All you need is a box, some postage paper and some containers around your house. The grease spots and roaches add that extra touch! And of course the milk carton head cover!

Cutting holes in the box for your head and arms you rap the box in postage paper and cut jagged lines on top to make it look like a paper sack then you simply dab on some cooking oil and draw roaches and hot glue the egg cartons, cereal box and any other food items in the house.

To make the milk carton I just used a poster board and shaped it like a milk carton and colored it in. I even drew a missing persons add on it!

 Gross-ary-Bag Costume

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