Making of Godzilla King of the Monsters Costume:

I started with a tiny 7 inch tall plastic model of the king of monsters. I covered the model with aluminum foil and a thin layer of masking tape. I added parting lines on the mummified model and then cut off patterns that could be flattened out for use on the overhead projector. I scaled the images to 12 x, large enough to contain my girth and then transferred the images to the EVA foam sheeting. You will only need one leg and one arm pattern which can be flipped over for the left and right respectively.

I used 6 packs of EVA flooring for Godzilla. I found the best tool to cut the foam was a thin fishing knife that could be sharpened after 5 or 6 cuts. Glue the shapes back together like a big jig saw puzzle. I used high temp hot glue and lots of it. Reinforce the joints that will move and in areas where you need more moment like in the arms needed to be thinned down to the thickness.

The eyes are large plastic serving spoons. I re purposed a reading lamp for back lighting the eyes and added neon wire to the back scales and tail.  Painted him black with white accents and voila! a monster to go out on town in.