Coolest George Washington Costume

I spend the first quarter of the year researching costumes and trying to come up with something unique for my mom to make. It was easy when my son was small to get him to agree to my ideas. As he grows older he wants to be the typical super hero or something with guns. I came up with an idea of George Washington and over the summer we read books to inspire my son. He is very proud of the costume my mother created for him. We are going on Halloween dinner train ride this year and will fit right in wearing his costume. I only wish I had my mom make us something to compliment it. We enjoy Halloween and who doesn’t like to be something different for a day.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

5 thoughts on “Coolest George Washington Costume”

  1. Shoes are Trendz Jafar buckle shoes via Amazon. They are inexpensive. My son just recently wore costume again on famous person day at school and won.

  2. I love this costume! My son wants to go as George Washington this year for Halloween. Did your mom use a pattern? I’m just trying to find some direction on how to make something like this wonderful costume!



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