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Coolest Foam Finger Costume

I am a sports fanatic (especially Lakers) and decided being a foam finger would be a fun, unique costume! I went to my local craft store and bought 2 huge rolls of foam (each 72″x24″x2″), 16 oz of bright yellow acrylic paint, and 4 oz of purple paint. I bought contact cement at the hardware store. I already had paintbrushes/rollers.

I used my actual Lakers foam finger as the model to copy and drew out an outline of the hand and then cut the outline on both foam rolls with scissors. I didn’t have a foam cutter or an electric knife, which would have probably been smoother, but oh well, it added to the homemade look :)

I then painted both copies yellow. The paint dried surprisingly quickly! I then drew out the hand and the logo with a pencil (I made a stencil for the Lakers logo part) and painted that in with purple paint. This was the most time-consuming portion, as it required many hard brushstrokes to make the paint solid on the foam.

I knew the foam would have to stick really well to each other and looked into several options. On scrap pieces of foam I tested sticking pieces together with Tacky glue and also trying to sew them together. Neither worked well.

After researching online, I learned contact cement would be the most effective. I glued the upright fingers to each other and down the sides with a gap for my arms to stick out. Since the foam finger goes halfway down the thigh, I decided to only glue partially down the side so I could have some leg room to walk/dance!

I’m not sure if this is normal, but it took a good 12-24 hours for the contact cement to thoroughly dry.

I must warn you, this Foam Finger Costume is by no means comfortable! I couldn’t sit, go to the bathroom, or reach my feet! And it was warm wearing it, so I got quite claustrophobic being in a crowded club and ended up spending the night in the outdoor area only! Despite all that, it was completely worth it!

I also wore it to the West Hollywood Costume Carnival and even amongst 400,000+ people being there, my costume stood out and was a hit! I definitely plan to re-use it during basketball season!

Coolest Foam Finger Costume

Coolest Foam Finger Costume

Coolest Foam Finger Costume

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