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Coolest Flintstones And Rubbles Halloween Costume

Meet the Flintstones and the Rubbles!
We made our Flinstones and Rubbles Halloween costumes out of felt and dress from Goodwill. While making them, we really had no clue what we were doing. We just looked costumes up on line and started cutting away.

My friend and I had never used a sewing machine prior to this, so we made it up as we went. On Halloween night, we were doing finishing touches as trick-or-treaters were already coming to the door. The hardest one was Wilma’s dress, but it turned out great.

In the end, we were all very pleased with our costumes. It was too perfect that we are great friends in real life, and as our Halloween characters!

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21 thoughts on “Coolest Flintstones And Rubbles Halloween Costume”

  1. My boyfriend and I and our two best friends are going out on halloween as the flintstones. I’m hoping we can find similar stuff at frenchys to work with and try to add to to make our costumes! Thanks for uploading your pic!

  2. Yours are by far the best homemade Flintstones costumes. We are gonna do it this year with our one year old as Pebbles…just wondering, what fabric is “Freds” tie? also, how did you make Wilma’s necklace, I was thinking of stringing together Styrofoam balls from the craft store…

  3. My friend bought the fabric for the tie but I am almost 100% sure it was felt. And yes, that is exactly how we made the necklace. :) Have fun!!

  4. I am Planning to Be Wilma this year and my Husband Fred, I really learned alot from your picture, it’s the best Flintstones Costume Idea I’ve Seen, Great Job. All of your Costumes Turned out great!!!!!

  5. omg ur costumes are the best i dont know how but they look so real lol you look like the characters from the ,ovie good job guys


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