A group of me and five other friends decided to do Flintstones last Halloween and all of our costumes turned out terrific! They were all mostly made in a similar fashion; buying the correct color fabric from a craft store (such as Joanne’s Fabric) and stitching or trying the fabric up the sides. All three of the male costumes were just that easy, plus a few embellishments such as the boomerang markings (permanent marker or glued on black fabric). Bam Bam got a giant dog bone for his sash at Petco and then bought a baby hat and covered it in the same fabric as his tunic.

The women’s costumes on the other hand were a little more tricky. Wilma’s fabric had to be wrapped in a specific way to get the one-shoulder effect and Betty’s was two pieces; the top was corseted up the back to make it a tube top and added with thick black fabric to create a halter, and then the skirt had an elastic waist band sewn on and then stitched up the back. Pebbles was more simple. Blue spandex, green shirt, and a homemade hair bone, that’s it! For Pebbles and Wilma, we used regular orange hair spray from a Halloween superstore and it turned out looking awesome! TIP: Brush through your hair if using the hairspray! Otherwise it will look wet and gross.

All in all, this was a great and classic group costume! We had a ton of fun wearing it out and received a countless amounts of compliments! Overall, this bunch of costumes were simple to make and the end result looks great.