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Coolest Dune Stillsuit Costume

After watching the original sci-fi movie Dune this year I decided to try to make this costume this year. I started with a bunch of photos of the web. Then I got togther some materials: 1/4″ thick minicell foam, tubes of goop, lots of super glue, 1/4″ black flex tubing, black leotard, rubber latex and black acrylic paint. I borrowed a mannequin from a friend who has a clothing boutique and put the leotard on it. Then I started with all the tubing networking. Once all the tubing was secured I went to work cutting and glueing the foam to the leotard.

For the puff pockets I rolled the foam into cylinders and glued onto flat foam. Once all the foam was secure I mixed 3/4 latex and 1/4 black acrylic and painted the suit. The leotard was painted with a aerosol black fabric paint. Then I used an old phone ear piece and tubing to make the nostril/ear piece. I topped it off with blue sclera contact lenses and carried a bag of spice around with me at the party.

I got a lot a nice compliments for this Homemade Dune Stillsuit Costume.

Homemade Dune Stillsuit Costume

Homemade Dune Stillsuit Costume

Homemade Dune Stillsuit Costume

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  1. I’m really impressed by this stillsuit- do you have experience with this sort of thing? it seems such a daunting task! The leotard- was it a morphsuit?

    Contact me – Kate Aitken the redhead -fb


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