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Coolest Drunken Pirate Costume

The hat of the Homemade Drunken Pirate Costume was a gift. I regularly dress up like a pirate for almost all occasions, so a friend gave it to me knowing it would go to good use. The dreads are my actual hair. I usually have an eye patch, however you cannot see it in this picture.

The shirt was an old costume I had, cut up, sleeves added, more lace and whatnot, and spider-y. The corset underneath is one of my personal corsets, reversible, and perfect for the occasion! The Micro-mini skirt was bought with modified with this costume in mind, with a fluffy underskirt. The leggings were some older leggings I had, single leg, they tie at the waist and make a bow. I rescued them from the dark drawer of ‘never-to-be-worn-again!’ The boots were some old boots I do believe I recieved one Christmas, and the collar is my own creation. Oh, and a striped glove.

Homemade Drunken Pirate Costume

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