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Coolest Homemade Pirate Unique Halloween Baby Costume Idea

The whole concept here started when my father bought my 4 month old son, Asher, a skull and cross bones doo-rag (as seen under the pirate’s hat in the picture) not even a month before Halloween. This got my creative juices flowing to make his first Pirate Unique Halloween Baby Costume Idea, one that would compliment my own pirate costume I had made two years ago.

Once I was on this track I remembered fabric painting a pirate skull onesie at my baby-shower that read “Arrrrrg!!!”…perfect except that it was on white cloth. I went through all of the hand-me down clothes given to us and found a red and white striped shirt to roughly appliqué this fabric painted skull onto. I also decided to add some humor to the shirt my fabric painting on some of the scrap fabric “Swab me poop deck, ye scurvy dog” onto the back bottom of the shirt.

I them made him pirate boots out of felt stitched together, decorated with fancy back-gold ribbon and used regular wide satin ribbons to secure the boots on from the backside (three of them- top, middle and heel- for added staying power). I also added some extra fabric paint on the bottom of the boots to give the little guy some traction as he likes to stand.

Then came the hat, I made out of scraps from the boots and decorated with fabric paint with a jolly-rodger to match the one I had previously painted on my own hat. Every pirate needs a sword, so I made a baby friendly one out of cut corrugated cardboard that I covered with copper and silver fabric paint (as it would be less likely to chip if he decided to taste test it). I stooped by Goodwill hoping to find a cheap scarf to tie around his middle, instead I found a stuffed pirate gorilla in about my son’s size wearing a vest and a belt with a skull and cross-bones on it. For $1.29 I couldn’t pass this up.

The vest was lacking a very integral part though, a parrot on the shoulder. So, once more digging into the craft drawer I found green craft balls, yellow and green pipe-cleaners and one small piece of red felt. With these findings some hot glue and, yes, more fabric paint, a little parrot in miniature was made and glued into place. The belt for the gorilla went around his wrist for the final finishing touch.

As I tend to have quite a bit of supplies on hand, and since my father and friends previous generosity of doo-rag, shirt and pants, the whole ensemble only cost me $3.29 plus tax (4 squares of black felt for $1, fancy ribbon 9 ft. for 1$, stuffed pirate gorilla $1.29).

Homemade Pirate Unique Halloween Baby Costume Idea

Homemade Pirate Unique Halloween Baby Costume Idea

Homemade Pirate Unique Halloween Baby Costume Idea

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