My husband loves super-accurate Halloween costumes. If it doesn’t involve at least three different visits to supply stores, and possibly sand paper, it’s probably not good enough. He also loves the show Metalocalypse, which features a cocaine loving Rock & Roll clown named “Dr. Rockso”. (G-g-g-g-g-g-yeah, baby!) I made this Dr. Rockso costume from Metalocalypse for him two years ago.

Oddly enough, I read your costume warning page, and this costume has been on fire, once, too. Luckily I put it out very quickly. It was the wig, and he walked too close to a candle on the wall. I, personally, recommend only LED candles be used for fancy-dress parties. Just a head’s up.

But back to the costume. Dr. Rockso is always seen in a crazy array of neon’s. His costume format is usually the same, (placement of thigh-stripes, etc etc), but colored differently. This is the most commonly referenced one. It’s a little “offensive”, as the back requires just a smudge of bum-cleavage be shown in order to be accurate. In the interest of you not wanting to burn out your retinas, those photos have not been included.

Hubby wore this to several bars on 2009 Halloween night, and again in 2010 at the Rally To Restore Sanity/Fear with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I’m sure the photos are floating around the internet, because he literally couldn’t walk more than five steps without someone stopping him to have their photo made with him. Once he’s been impersonated on the internet, someone re-posted the pictures and swore they were theirs. I can prove otherwise, though, that costume has a place of honor in our Halloween storage and I’ll make a video if I need to.