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Coolest DOTS Candy Costume

My son wanted to wear a DOTS Candy costume for Halloween, but I could not find one already made. I decided to tackle the job myself and make my own Homemade DOTS Candy Costume!

I cut up a leftover computer box that was big enough for my son to fit inside. I cut out arm holes, neck hole, and made a slit entirely down the back. I covered the box using white butcher paper and glue gun. The lettering and pictures of the dots candy where drawn on by pencil by looking at a box of DOTS. I used yellow acrylic paint for the background and various colors to fill in my pencil drawing. I outlined everything at the end with a black sharpie pen.

To make it more comfortable when wearing, I rolled up some left over fleece I had from a sewing project and hot glued these bundles under the cardboard on each side where his shoulders would rest. He put the costume on by slightly bending open the cardboard in the back and sliding it over his head.

He got lots of great comments and people pointing everywhere he went! He got lots of DOTS candies in his candy bucket too!!

Homemade DOTS Candy Costume

Homemade DOTS Candy Costume

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