Coolest DIY Scarecrow Halloween Costume Idea

This DIY Scarecrow Halloween costume idea came to me when I saw Halloween decorations. I thought it would be different from regular costumes. This costume was very easy and fun to make.

First I found a hat at a garage sale for $2. Then I took fake hay from another scarecrow and cut it off. Then I stapled it to the inside layer of the hat (you can also hot glue). After that I found a pair of overalls and cut patches from other old cloths and hot glued them on. I also hot glued some hay to the patches to make it look better. I used gloves and cut the tips of the fingers off.

I went on YouTube to find a video on how you can do your makeup, here it is:

It is very easy and simple. The video shows step by step on how you can do your makeup for a scarecrow. I used black and brown eyeliner which was very cheap.