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Coolest DIY Peacock Halloween Costume

I was trying to find a fun, cute costume for Halloween and after looking everywhere I decided I’d make my own DIY Peacock Halloween costume. I started by ordering a peacock designed corset online as well as about 350 real Peacock feathers. I checked multiple sites and www.featherstore.com was not only the cheapest but had the best shipping rates.

Once I received my feathers I trimmed them down in order to get rid of everything except the eye of the feather. I glued them on to the corset starting at the top and when I got half way down I switched the direction of the feathers to face downward in order to create the illusion of movement. I bought some black booty shorts from Target and glued feathers to those as well. I cut a half circle out of matte board and that was the base of my tail. I glued most of them with the eyes facing forward and at different heights to create depth.

After I had feathers on both sides of the matte board I covered it with teal fabric to cover the ends. On the back of the tail I put teal feathers to cover up the material I had used so it looked more authentic. I glued two dowel rods to the back of the tail with wood glue. There were two notches out of each rod in order to have something to attach suspenders to. I put the suspenders down the back of the corset with two clamps at the top of my back and two at the bottom and that is what kept my tail right up against my back. I also glued feathers to platform flip flops. I finished by using blue and green eye shadow and little jewels on the outside of my eyes.

DIY Peacock Halloween Costume

DIY Peacock Halloween Costume

DIY Peacock Halloween Costume

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  1. Hi! I’m sure this is long over due however, I had suspenders slipped inside the back of my corset attached it to the bottom and top of the tail. I was able to take it off to go in the car/restroom. Hope this helps for future reference.


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