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Coolest DIY Peacock Creative Costume Idea

This DIY Peacock Creative Costume Idea was really a lot fun. I got the inspiration to make a peacock costume from this website.

The fan:
I bought 30 peacock feathers off of someone on Kijiji. I then fanned the feathers on the floor in the way that I wanted them to look. I used a piece of tape to temporarily hold the feathers together so that they would stay fanned the way I wanted them to. I cut out two pieces of cardboard and sandwiched the feathers in between them with hot glue. I cut the ends of the feathers off that went through the bottom of the cardboard. I used cable ties for belt loops on the back of the fan and a thin piece of wood to keep the ties in place. I glue gunned green fabric over the cardboard so it was not showing.

The top:
I had an old corset-type shirt that I did not wear so I used it for my costume. I bought a couple extra peacock feathers for the top, and had bought some masks from the dollar store years ago that I took the feathers off of. My friend glue gunned the feathers on my shirt while I was wearing it. The material the shirt was made of was extremely thin, so I put material underneath it while the feathers were being glued on to prevent being burnt.

I wore a black petticoat and leggings to complete the look. I used a belt to wear the peacock fan. I also made a peacock hair clip by glue gunning some feathers to a hair clip.

Homemade DIY Peacock Creative Costume Idea

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