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Coolest DIY Gatling Pea Shooter Costume from Plants vs. Zombies

Every year my oldest grandson asks me to make him his costume. So being the best Nana ever, according to him, of course I take on the challenge. 4 years ago we started with 2 Tales from sonic. But each year it gets more challenging. We’ve done Yeti Chomper, Bendi (last year). But this year was the hardest: Gatling Pea Shooter costume from Plants vs. Zombies.

I started out with the head, which is just a normal green pea shooter. I used bright green felt material. Cut in long pieces, like a beach ball. I used 3 bottles of fabric stiffener and a large balloon. To form the right size.

Then step 2 was the army helmet. Made with regular paper mache and news paper. I put plastic wrap on top of the stiffened head then drew out the shape and started forming the helmet. After it was just the right shape, size and was dry. I spray painted it black and hand painted the green over that. I cut out 5 golden stars from fabric foam and glued them on front. Then I sprayed a whole can of clear lacquer over the entire helmet. Attaching it with hot glue.

Finally I made 4 guns for the mouth out of paper towel rolls. I painted and added glitter to them. I attached all 4 in a diamond shape and placed them in the mouth.
Inside the head I added various sizes of foam until it fit his head perfect.
The costume part was just a basic coverall. The shoes and mittens are leaf shaped for the final touches.

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