Coolest DIY Frog Prince Halloween Costume

My little guy wanted to be the frog prince… so to bump it up a notch we decided to make him a kissing booth under. Prince charming needs help to find a princess to kiss and so we made a DIY frog prince Halloween costume.

We created a simple frog pattern costume… made a cardboard crown.. painted it gold and attached to the frog costume. Frog prince complete. For the kissing booth we took a large cardboard box covered it with red felt. Made the prince charming sign out of spare cardboard and printed out prince charming. We created the kissing booth letters out of white felt and attached… and added some printed coins to finish to booth.

To walk for trick or treat we used a backpack with metal frame to help support the booth. It came out cute… and fun! Our little prince looks good and had a blast tricker-treating. Total time 2 hours for the Frog costume.. and about 45 minutes for the kissing booth.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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