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Prince Charming 100% Homemade Costume and Snow White (Purchased Online)

My birthday is November 1st.  Therefore, every year, Halloween is a big deal because at midnight it’s my birthday.  My poor significant other is forced to dress up along side with me.  However,  he does believe that if he HAS to dress up, he better look good.  Every year, I purchase a cute costume (so far we’ve done Jasmine, Minnie, and Charming) and I make his costume to match.  I couldn’t have done his costume last year without hemming tape and Rex Fabrics (Miami, FL).

The costume is assembled as follows: 1) Pirate Boots in brown; 2) Light blue scrub bottoms; 3) A white button-down shirt; 4) two yards of royal blue fabric; 5) A small amount of faux suede for the edge of the blue tunic; 6) Party City’s red knee-length vampire cape with the collar tucked in.

I used the hem tape to add the suede endings on the edge of the tunic. I threw the two yard of royal blue satin over his shoulders, cut a circle in the middle (I messed this up, so that’s why I had to get fancy with the collar), I added the suede an inch on every edge, and the belt tied it together.  I made the belt with extra suede velcroed in the back.  The buckle is made of cardboard with foil over it – I spray painted the foil gold.

This year I have a 100% homemade idea for us both – stay tuned!

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