Coolest Dalmatian Puppy Costume

This Dalmatian Puppy costume was my first year attempting to do a homemade costume–so please keep that in mind!

Materials used: white long-sleeved leotard, black fabric paint, small and medium sized sponges (round-shaped for spots), head band, black felt, fuzzy, “fur” material (purchased at JoAnn’s fabric store), less than a yard (used just for tail and ears), cotton stuffing, and wire–I don’t remember the size but fairly thick and about 14-16 inches long (for the tail, also purchased at JoAnn’s), black face paint and lastly, white sateen gloves purchased for her “paws”.

The leotard: I loosely hand-stitched various round pieces of the black felt; the tights I stretched out with card board and applied the sponges dipped in black fabric paint all over. I just didn’t apply the “spots” high enough, as you can see in the picture, the spots stopped about mid-thigh. The tail, we made with the fury white material and stuffed it with the cotton filling and then inserted the wire so the tail would not simply lie limp, more black felt spots were hot-glued to the tail and then it was then attached to the leotard prior to trick-or-treating. The head band was covered in the white furry material and the ears were free-handed and cut and sewn onto the head band and also more black felt spots was hot-glued to the ears. Face paint and black shoes were the finishing touches.

I also thought it was a cute idea to add a dog bone choker with her name on it (but I procrastinated too much and never did get around to putting her name on it). The dog bone was made with left over black felt and attached to some pink ribbon that we had lying around.

This was my first year attempting to do a homemade costume--so please keep that in mind!!
Materials Used: white long-sleeved leotard; black fabric p

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