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Coolest Crime Scene Costume

I got the idea for my “Crime Scene” costume when I was watching CSI one day. It was a few days before Halloween, and all my friends were being ghosts, goblins, vampires… typical costumes. I wanted something extravagant and attention-grabbing, yet creative and new. While watching CSI, I saw one of the main characters fall through yellow crime scene tape and tangle her leg in it.

I thought of how great an idea it would be to do just that. I went out and bought a roll of yellow “Crime Scene: Do Not Enter” tape. It was surprisingly more challenging than I had thought. I was wearing only basketball shorts. I had started with one foot, worked my way up one leg, wrapped my waist, went down the other leg to my foot, and cut the tape. I had started again at my waist, and wrapped my torso, one arm, my neck, then my other arm. After one layer, I rewrapped my body in a second layer. Using about two feet of tape that remained as left-over, I created a headband to go with the ‘police-style’ aviator sunglasses I wore. In total I used about 3 rolls of scotch tape, a few pieces of duct tape where the tape was cut and attached, one 1 roll of crime scene tape, and aviator sunglasses.

Taking about two hours to use up the entire roll, I had to use pieces of scotch tape every couple wraps to properly secure the crime scene tape to my skin, and to other parts of crime scene tape. I cut a tiny slit at my side so i could have access to a pocket in my shorts, where I kept my cell phone, ID and 20 dollars just in case.

In total I spent less than 20 dollars on my Crime Scene costume. It was a HIT at the party I went to. I made many friends that night and could tell my costume was what everyone was talking about while I was there. Even if you are just going trick-or-treating, this bright costume will keep you bright and safe as you roam the streets in the dark! I would recommend this costume to everyone that is looking for something original, loud, and fun!

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14 thoughts on “Coolest Crime Scene Costume”

  1. My husband is a cop and has a great body. An idea would be to add a sign (to the front or the back) that read: “It is a crime to cover up a body like this.”

  2. I did this last year too but as a girl I couldn’t see myself doing a full body suit. So I dressed in all black (short sleeved shirt and pants) and and did did kind of random badage looking strips of crime scene tape and made some into bracelets. I then made some into long and short necklaces and had a bag in my pocket with evidence written on it. I also put a bit of red face paint on the side of my head to look like a cut and painted a white line all up and down my arms to look like the chalk outline. I was pretty much a walking talking crime scene! It had to be my favorite custome ever!!

  3. Would have loved to go out with that costume for this Halloween but I’m scared someone wear the same because of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” music video. Great idea tho, looks really good!

  4. i made a dress like that for this halloween i just got the caution tape at home depot and just got a black dress and yellow legging and it was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am a male and I just bought a Lady Gaga crime scene outfit. It didn’t have enough tape to cover my testicles, so I lifted my penis and forced it into place so that at least would be covered.
    Then I walked to the fancy dress party with some friends. Due to the rumors of Lady Gaga having a penis, I didn’t have to worry about offending anybody with my nudity – everyone I met thought it was hilarious that my testicles were exposed and took photos, some even squeezed my testicles.


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