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Coolest Cracker Jacks Costume

I have made my son, Jack, many costumes that have been based on his name (lumberjack, jack-in-the-box, jack and the beanstalk) but last year’s was my favorite!

The costume was made primarily of felt. I purchased a rectangular piece of Styrofoam from a craft store to be the top of the box. I bought tan-colored felt long enough to cover from a little over Jack’s head, to almost the floor, then added about 18 inches for folding at the top. The felt was glued along the long side to form a tube that the Styrofoam fit into snugly, and then pressed (carefully) to create the four corners.

I folded in the top of the felt (like wrapping a gift) and covered that with a piece of white felt designed to look like a bar code. The rest was drawn on blue, white, and red felt with sharpie markers and everything was glued with hot glue!

I altered the package design so that Jack’s face would be the face of Sailor Jack. We cut the lids of 2 copy paper boxes to fit between Jack’s shoulders and the top of the “box” making sure that his face fit into the hole, and we rounded out the lids to sit on his shoulders. I also cut slits so he would be able to put his arms out.

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  1. This year I’m making a costume for my son who is 2. His Grandpa lovingly refers to him as Cracker Jack because he’s so spunky and full of nonstop energy, so I decided that it would be cute to make him into a real cracker jack. I found a sailor costume online for toddlers. It’s navy blue and a classic. Just the simple sailor style shirt with ties and a white sailor hat. I wasn’t thrilled with just letting him wear plain dress pants so I opted to have my mom make a pair of navy bell bottoms for him to wear. I picked up some anchor buttons at Joann Fabrics to authenticate the look. My daughter has a small stuffed terrier that he’ll be able to carry around with him. I also had found a carton of retro cracker jacks that were being sold earlier this year at the grocery store. After the kids finished with the cracker jacks, I saved one box that I sewed to the back pocket of his pants. His hair is cut short anyway and he kind of looks like the boy on the cracker jack box. I glanced a few times at the Cracker Jack Web site for guidance. Very Cut.


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