Coolest Corpse in a Coffin Costume

This was a fairly simple costume to construct once I had planned it out the angles for the construction of the body of the box. The frame of the coffin is constructed from foam card (foam core) which is glued together and then painted. This gives a lightweight but robust base to attach the velvet material to. The fake shoes were bought cheaply from a charity shop and I cut holes where the heals are so that I could attach them to my legs. My real feet then fit through a hole in the bottom of the coffin which is hidden by the velvet lining. The whole coffin is then attached to my back by a cheap child’s rucksack which is worn under my shirt, which has holes cut in the back for the straps. To my surprise I found that it is actually far more comfortable than it looks being dead.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Corpse in a Coffin Costume”

  1. that is so cool but my parents won’t let me do that….so sad : ( …anyways I love the idea.
    so many people wouldn’t think of that!

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