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Coolest DIY Corpse Bride Costume

My daughter’s best friend wanted to be Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride for Halloween, so I undertook the task.

I found an older wedding dress in her size and proceeded to destroy it. I cut a long slit up the front and then sewed it together so that her leg would poke out and not be hidden by the petticoat. I frayed and slashed the hemline. I used a sharpie marker to create the swirls and lines. I used blue and silver spray paint to color the fabric (that was definitely the first time I ever spray painted a dress!!).

I got a child’s skeleton costume and cut it up for her one skeleton arm and leg. I glued those pieces on to a pair of black tights. The child had to endure sitting in leggings, with plastic wrap underneath while the fabric glue dried. It was interesting! LOL

I also made her a yarn wig by crocheting a basic skull cap and tying the yarn bundles to it.

I created the headdress by cutting up an old slip and sewing it over a wooden embroidery hoop. I frayed the edges and marked and painted it to match.

I used a 1/2 yard of costume satin to make the fingerless gloves. I crocheted the finger ‘ring’, and painted them to match. She really loved the Corpse Bride Costume!

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