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Coolest Cereal Killer DIY Costume

My husband had this great last minute idea for our son: Cereal Killer Costume! It was hugely popular and our son thoroughly enjoyed telling the candy givers what he was if they hadn’t already figured it out. We bought the jumbo pack of individual size cereal boxes at the local supermarket and went to work. We ripped up the boxes, smeared fake blood on each one and on a toy knife, then taped the boxes to his shirt. Of course, we saved the cereal for later use. He insisted on having the smear of blood on his face to make it more scary, and the sinister look in his eyes adds to it! He left a trail of blood wherever he went since we poured the fake blood into the boxes. He also carried a box in his hand.

We have never had such an easy costume or one more hilarious!

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