Coolest Celia Monster Costume

My daughter wanted to dress up as Celia from the 2001 Disney Monsters Inc. movie, the only problem was the costume didn’t exist. So like any good mother I started brainstorming how I was going to pull this Homemade Celia Monster Costume off. I had to make snakes for her to wear on her head, a purple face with one eye and an extra pair of legs. The easiest part of this costume was going to be making the dress and I didn’t sew. I bought some sequence material for the dress and a pattern to follow.

For the snakes I went to a home improvement store and bought electrical wire and grey water pipe insulation. I covered the wire with the pipe insulation and started to give it the snake shape form. I had a hard time with the snake head so I attached Styrofoam Easter eggs to the wire wrap the whole snake with masking tape and cut a grove in to the egg to give a mouth. Once I had all the snakes done I started bending the snakes around my daughter’s head to give them their final shape. I started to paper mache the snakes with newspaper and glue. I let them dry overnight and painted them purple. I glued eyes and a tongue once the paint dry.

For the face I paper mached a balloon with a little paper and glue. Once dry I cut it in half and cut a circle in the upper center and inserted a soft ball. I taped it all together using masking tape and paper mache it allowing for two layers to dry at a time. It took about 5 layers to get a thickness to it. I used toilet paper soaked in glue and water to make a mush that I could shape into the eyelid. I let it dry for about 2 days and began to paint it and decorated. Finally I drilled 2 holes one on each side of the eye.

For the body I bought 3 pairs of purple pantyhose. I cut a hole at the inseam and pulled it over her head and slip her arms in. I stuffed one with left over pipe insulation and sewed it to the other pair and slipped it on her legs. It looked like she had 4 legs and smooth arms. I slipped the dress over and put the mask and snakes on.

Homemade Celia Monster Costume

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  1. Hey my son is going to be sulley for his first Halloween and I really want to make celia costume for me. I love how you did her hair and I was just wondering what you glued the other end of the snakes to. If you could help me id appreciate it!


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