Coolest DIY Catwoman Costume

Michelle Pfeiffer may have had more fun playing Catwoman in the 1992 productions of Batman Returns. But, I made Catwoman a piece of ART! I spent 2 days of with lots of spandex and white twine to pull this off. I used thin cardboard to make the structure for the mask. This is one solid piece that I had to sew myself into to get the full effect!

16 thoughts on “Coolest DIY Catwoman Costume”

  1. You look like you followed the details to the stitching closely. Even though Leather is very expensive, PVC (like the one Michelle used in the film) would have worked very well, it’s much cheaper than latex, rubber and leather.

  2. would there be any way you could make me that costume. I’ve been looking for that costume like crazy.

  3. I’ve just seen your homemade catwoman costume and I wanted to know if you sew/ make costumes for other people besides yourself. how much is your costume?

  4. i agree with the “why the belt” comment…the belt doesn’t actually “accent the costume perfectly” because a belt was never a part of the the batman returns costume she’s replicating. michelle pfeiffer wore a corset with her catsuit. just sayin’

  5. The belt held my whip, which you don’t see in these pics. I used several layers of spandex to both keep me warm and keep form well. (I am quite cold blooded.) I don’t make these for others, I just fiddle with making a costume for me and my family every year.

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