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Coolest Bud Light Girl Costume

This costume has 648 beer caps on it. It includes the hat, earrings, a necklace, an anklet, a purse, a bracelet and of course the shoes shirt and shorts. It took me one month to save all the caps and a lot of parties. I used mostly fabric glue and a hot glue gun to put it together and it is very hard to dance in!

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1 thought on “Coolest Bud Light Girl Costume”

  1. I just wanted to say how I got the idea for this costume. Me and my husband had a huge party one night and there were bud light caps everywhere inside and outside of the house. By the time I collected them all I had over 100. So I kept them thinking I could use them for something. Then that next weekend another party took place which left even more caps all over the place. It was close to Halloween and then the idea just popped into my head to make a costume. I had a party almost every night and didn’t let anyone come who wasn’t willing to buy bud light. 648 beers later I had my costume! I think this is a great creative idea for a costume… If you enjoy a beer every now and again!


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