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Coolest Birdhouse Costume

I decided that I wanted a Homemade Birdhouse Costume this year so I started with a moving box that I spray painted brown and cut a hole big enough (at the front) in it for my head to see out of. I then painted windows on the other sides of the box and taped with brown duct tape, branches around the sides that I took from my yard. I glued leaves and moss to the roof of the box and attached a variety of birds (cutouts, and ones I found at the craft store). I cut out from the unused cardboard I had an ease for the top front of the box.

I then wore green pants and brown boots. I bought a sweatshirt at the craft store as well as a bag of feathers and individually glued the feathers all over the hood, sleeves, and front of the sweatshirt. I used face paint to paint my face to look like a bird and then lifted the box over my body to be a bird inside of the birdhouse.

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