Coolest Billy the Exterminator Costume

My son loves Billy the Exterminator, so for Halloween we thought why not let him be Billy for a day (minus Billy’s potty mouth).

This Homemade Billy the Exterminator Costume was created from a simple pirate costume, this gave me the pattern for the pants and the vest. I sewed the pants and the vest from a synthetic leather, and allowed the vest to hang open.

Billy’s shirt is a plain black t-shirt and I hand painted the Vex-Con design on the front. I also hand painted the Vex-Con logo on the back of the vest, with white fabric paint. I cut the wrist cuffs smaller for my son, as these started as adult sized.

The extra studs from the wrist cuffs were applied to the shoulder of the t-shirt. I used pre glued studs on the shoulder of the vest. Billy’s hat is a plain black costume cowboy hat, I sewed on a goth costume necklace pendent on the front of the hat. The gloves are the cheap knit gloves with the finger tips cut off. I also added studs to the knuckles.

I tried to add all the extras that Billy would wear. The options are endless. We had a wig for the long haired version of Billy but my son refused to wear it out to the mall to trick or treat. Also not shown is the big rubber snake that we had wrapped around Billy’s neck.

Such a cool costume I think we will get another year out of it.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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