Cool Homemade Rita Repulsa Costume

So I made this costume for Dragon Con and when it turned out better than I expected I decided to wear it for Halloween too. Oh boy let me tell you the headaches it gave me!

Dragon Con was the end of August, I started my costume in March. I saved over 20+ different photo’s of Ms. Repulsa in my phone and studied them for days before I got started. I tried to use as many household items as possible before I bought new things.

So lets start with the piece that gave me the most problems, the head piece. For that I used floral wire, Styrofoam cardboard, some hangers, an old bed cushion and gray braiding hair from my local hair supply store. I made the band out of the flexible Styrofoam board and used strips to make a helmet shape.

After that I got so lost and just went until things fell in place. My mother and I sat up one night until 4 AM making one and it got tossed in the woods out of anger because the horns kept falling, so I started over.

After a small break I made the helmet piece over, lined it with the cushion so it would be comfy, used the wire to make the horn shape and then wrapped foam around that, then wrapping that with duct tape until it was stable. The last step was wrapping it with hair. Everything in the helmet is held together by loads of duct tape and scary amounts of hot glue. It took me about two months to complete it.

The dress was pretty easy but took time, I used an old curtain I had that was so close to the color of hers it scared me. My sewing skills aren’t that great so a lot of hot glue went into the dress as well. I made the top like a removable half jacket for when I got hot.

The bottom was done draw string style (with yarn) so I could pull it as tight as I needed it to be so it could stay in place. I don’t own one of those fancy stands for people who sew, so I paid my niece to let me use her.

The neck piece was also cardboard with the blue “feathers” being old plastic Christmas flowers I cut. I did the neck piece in about a week while on a supernatural binge.

My lovely staff was the easiest. The pole I found at Goodwill (after weeks of looking for the perfect stick) and painted it black. The rest is cardboard with the red ball being Styrofoam.

Once it was complete I painted everything, added little touches and accessories. I was done with it a month before the con and I was ecstatic! The best part was finally being able to put it all together and yell “After 10,000 years I am free!”

It was my first con so I was a little worried but the love I got was amazing. I didn’t even make it in the door without people wanting to take pictures. As I walked around people would yell “Rita! I love you!” Or “after 10,000 years”.

It was pure awesomeness every time I ran into a power ranger. It was the best experience and I’m one proud cookie of my work.


Cool Homemade Rita Repulsa Costume

Cool Homemade Rita Repulsa Costume

Cool Homemade Rita Repulsa Costume

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