Coolest Ben 10 Costume

My son loves to watch Ben 10, so when Halloween came around he just had to be one of the Ben 10 aliens. His favorite is Heat Blast.

To make the costume I used yellow and maroon Lycra, first I made a yellow cover-all then a maroon one. I sewed both layers together with padding in between. I then stitched the lava pattern all over the suit and then cut around the lava. Luckily, being Lycra, I did not have to worry about it fraying.

With the cuts complete, the yellow under layer could be seen through the spaces. For the logo, first I printed one on a T-shirt transfer and ironed it on, but it was a bit dull, so for the second attempt I ironed on a white circle and hand drew on the details.

The mask was the easiest part, just yellow Lycra with details ironed on. It took a long time for me to make it, but luckily I started early and I was pleased with the result.

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Ben 10 Costume”

  1. Too cool! My son is Ben 10 nut and even though we’re in Ho Chi Minh City I don’t have time to get a tailor on it. I’ll have to plan ahead next year. Great costume.

  2. Hi I was looking for a pattern for the ben 10 jacket and was wondering ifyou found one somewhere…I’m getting a late start here any info would be greatly appreciated….Thanks good luck on all costumes hope they make the little ones happy

  3. how did you make those flames on the head stand up so straight it looks amazing i’ve got my step mother to make a ben 10 costume but it’s nothing compared to this you are the best costume designer in the world.


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