My boys love Batman. My boys love Legos. So, with inspiration from other minifig costumes here on this website, I began to create their Batman and Joker Lego Minifig Halloween costumes.  I used Styrofoam, poster board, bamboo skewers, duct tape, markers and acrylic paint, and fiber fill. I cut the top and bottom circles large enough to fit over their heads, cut the poster board to wrap around and positioned the bamboo skewers to hold the 2 rings together.  I then began with the duct tape to attach the poster board to create the head.

My guide was finding actual pictures of the Minifigs online.  I free hand drew the faces and then used markers to color them in.  For another mini fig costume idea, I used (happened to have an old one in the garage) window screen for the eye/mouth area so they could see.

I bought packing boxes at Walmart and used them to shape the body section.  I duct taped them together on the sides, and made duct tape straps that held them over their shoulders… sort of in the “sign board” fashion. Again, I drew the design and then used markers and paint to complete the costume.

I also found a bag from the Lego store that I was able to cut out the logo and put on the costumes as well.

Total it took about a day and a half to finish these *epic* Batman Lego costumes. My boys got soooo many comments on these, which made them (and me) very proud.