Coolest Batman Costume

I put together this Batman costume for a relatively small investment of about a hundred bucks. The mask is a party store knock off which I slit up the back and put in laces to get a more snug fit. The belt is made of cigarette cases and wired together on a ladies belt all purchased at the 99 cent store. A little yellow spray paint completes the look.

The tunic and leggings are long underwear and the bat symbol was accomplished with an iron on transfer I made with my PC and copier with paper from the office supply store. The cape is made from surprisingly inexpensive Lycra spandex material($6.00 a yard) and I had the shorts in my drawer. The boots and gloves also came from the party store ($30.00 & $6.00 respectively). I made fins for the gloves from left over cape material and I cut the tops of the boots at an angle to get that Batman style.

This whole process took probably six hours all together and I had a great time doing it. Now I’m looking for a mannequin so I can own the ultimate Batman action figure!

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