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Coolest Bat Girl and The Riddler Couple Costume

A friend and I have a shared love for all things Batman, which is why we created this Bat Girl and The Riddler Couple Costume.

BATGIRL: Used to be a gymnast so I have a bunch of old leotards and nowhere to wear them. The past few years I’ve been hauling them out for Halloween and getting creative with them. One year I dug up an old black leo and decided it was time to be Bat girl. I had a friend use a bright yellow place mat to create the main bat symbol. She sewed it on to the chest area of the leo. Then created the gloves with extra long socks with holes poked in the sides and shoved pieces of Styrofoam (cut like crescent moons) for the Bat girl gloves. Made the bat utility belt out of the same yellow place mat and safety pinned it to the suit. Used an old cape, some black leggings, black boots and mask to finish off the look.

THE RIDDLER: 1 word: Valuvillage. Found this awesome green suit and purple tie at Valuvillage for 20$! Used glitter spray paint and question mark shaped cutouts to create the patter on the jacket. Dollar store hat, gloves, walking stick and mask.

Out of all the Batman costumes there were that year (mostly the Joker), ours were a blast from the past and not entirely uncomfortable either!

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