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Coolest Bartleby from Dogma Costume

My costume is the angel Bartleby from the movie Dogma. I wore this costume to DragonCon this year and every one there was blown away. This costume was extremely hard to make especially because it was the first full extensive costume I had ever made.

The wings are 30 lbs and everything was hand made… yes even the chain mail. The armor is made from a mannequin that I cut up and painted and added straps and a wing harness to. The wings are copper wire and chicken wire armature based with white fabric batting covered with real bleached turkey feathers and a fur type fabric for edging.

Anyways it took me all summer to make and I am very proud of it. I hope you like it too. Oh, and yes, I made the other two costumes also.

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6 thoughts on “Coolest Bartleby from Dogma Costume”

  1. To make the god costume I looked at reference photos from the movie, used a silver shimmery fabric (originally planned for Lame’ but this worked better) and the skirt is white ribbon and tulle with a white plain underskirt (so you cant see through the tulle). The vest and jacket are just a woman’s business suit except I put eyelets in the vest to tie it up in front to give it the scrunched look.

  2. Hey, these look great, I’m looking at making wings to wall mount them, do you have the blueprints of these wings so I can have a go myself?


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