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Coolest Angelina Jolie Costume

One of my all time favorite costumes was Angelina Jolie, circa 2006. Original, funny and best of all it was super easy and comfortable.

I wore a black turtleneck and skinny jeans, and I bought a long black wig (I actually trimmed the one I got because it was ridiculous) and pulled it back a little bit out of my face. Then, I wore aviator sunglasses and found these big fake lips that were actually attached to a lollipop. I made a name tag that said “United Nations Member: A. Jolie” just to clarify any confusion!

The best part was baby Zahara. I went to Toys R Us and got a cute baby and went to H&M and bought a patterned scarf that I used to hold the baby to me, very Angelina-esque.

The costume was a huge hit. Between the wig, glasses, and lips, people didn’t even know it was me!

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