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Coolest Child Alien Costume

My two year old daughter decided she wanted to be an alien for Halloween, after watching E.T and other alien movies, so thought we’d try to make our own child alien costume rather than buy one.

I bought blue and black water based body paint and white glow in the dark face paint for face and hair. I used an old black top of mine to make a long dress/gown tied around the waist to help keep secure and give the effect of floating.

Using the blue paint as a base coat I painted her face and hair (after putting hair in pigtails). Following this I used the black paint to make large black eyes and lips also adding extra little details, then used the white glow in the dark paint to do small dots around the black detail so it would stand out when out halloweening. To make the hair stand on end I used plenty of extra hold hairspray and blue paint to make sure it syayed in position.

She loved the end result and got lots of attention from the other children.

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