Coolest Aladdin and Abu Couple Costume

I decided that the Disney Prince and Princess costume, while adorable, was a tad overdone. So, I convinced my boyfriend that he should be Aladdin…and I would be his best buddy, side kick…his monkey Abu!

All the costumes are handmade, and other than having some odd proportions, wasn’t too tricky too made. The hats are just margarine containers with felt glued on them, the vest for Aladdin was easy enough, so were the pants! We just stuffed them to make sure they were poofy and he was good to go. His costume was easy enough to make, anyone could do it (six pack abs optional ;) )

Abu’s costume was a bit trickier just because I wanted to have a cute, form fitting monkey costume…so away we went. It has lace ups on the sides, as well as a corset back to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. The monkey ears and tail were bought from a Halloween store for cheap, as was the material used to make the dress and vest. Not too shabby at all…

Like I say, who needs a princess when you’ve got an adorable, rapscallion monkey?

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