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Cool Wonder Woman Costume for Girls

I think that my little girl looks like Wonder Woman, so I decided to put together a cute costume for her. I started by taking a red glittery shirt that she had from Christmas and I cut the sleeves off. I sewed a white strip of fabric to the red sleeves to make it look like boots and they work like leg warmers over her red shoes so they resemble boots.

Then I traced the Wonder Woman logo onto a yellow foaming sheet and cut it out. Next, I painted over the logo with Elmer’s glue and threw gold glitter on it. When it was dry, I hand sewed the logo using black thread to the front of the shirt.

Then, I bought a red crochet headband and a roll of blue tulle at Walmart. I cut the tulle into 20-inch strips. The internet is full of videos on how to make a tulle tutu, but I folded each strip in half and stuck the folded loop part through a hole at the bottom row of the headband. Then I opened the loop of the tulle and pulled the loose ends up and through, pulling down to tighten it to be sure it lays flat. I wanted it to look fluffier so I also used a blue sparkle tutu I had bought online and put it over the other one I made.

For her underwear, I bought a blue onesie and cut the top off leaving the underwear part and sewed an elastic to the top so it would stay on. Then, I painted white stars all over it with fabric paint.

For the head, belt and wrist cuffs, I bought one yard of a golden ribbon I found at Joann and I cut the pieces to fit around her wrists then hand stitched them closed so she could squeeze out of them but they won’t fall off. For the belt, I cut a piece of gold ribbon to fit around the front of her waist and sewed a red strand of elastic to the ends which tie up at the back.

With the remaining gold ribbon, I sewed a black elastic band to the ends making a headband and I trimmed the front in a triangle shape.

I found the gold “lasso” at the Dollar Store craft section.

When my toddler first wore the costume she loved it so much she didn’t want to take it off, so she cried so much I had to let her have the headband for the rest of the day.

Cool Wonder Woman Costume for Girls

Cool Wonder Woman Costume for Girls

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